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What Triggers Divorce?

When you get married, you do so with the intention of being married to that person for the rest of your life. Life, however, has a way of changing 1things, and some marriages end in divorce. There are many reasons that a divorce can happen, each of which is valid. It has been our experience as a divorce lawyer in Oklahoma that there are five main reasons that divorce occurs.




When one spouse cheats on the other, the trust that the marriage is based on has been broken. Some couples can overcome this discretion while others cannot.


Communication Problems


If the spouses cannot effectively communicate with each other over simple issues, it is nearly impossible to communicate over larger issues. When communication breaks down between a couple, divorce almost always is the end result.


Different Financial Goals


Financial goals are a very important part of being a couple. If each person in the marriage manages money differently or has different goals, it may be very hard to get along. Disruptions to what a person feels are financial stability can cause discord in a marriage.


Growing Apart Over Time


People can change as they grow older. For many couples, growing older together brings them closer because they are sharing the same goals and values. For other couples, the changes they experience as they age causes them to go a separate way from their spouse.


Substance or Physical Abuse


If one spouse is abusive physically to the other or if one spouse has a substance abuse problem, the marriage often ends in divorce.


If You Are Seeking A Divorce


Regardless of the reason that you are seeking a divorce, it will always be in your best interest to use the services of a divorce lawyer in Oklahoma. When a divorce attorney manages your case, you know that your rights will be protected and that the divorce will move quickly through the system.


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