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civil litigation

Remember that girl in elementary school that loved to argue with the teacher, and the worst part was that she was typically right? That girl was, and still is, Holly Hefton , Civil Litigation Attorney Oklahoma (OKC).

As a well seasoned civil litigator, Holly Hefton, can represent you in a wide range of cases. From personal injury to insurance and business deals gone wrong, Holly can do it all.

Not every case goes to court, some are settled using a mediator or arbitrator. Regardless of where the case is resolved, you’ll need someone by your side who knows what to say and when to say it.

What makes Holly different is that she only focuses on civil law, and doesn’t get bogged down with criminal law. By honing in on civil litigation for more than 20 years, Holly has established herself has a credible and respected expert in the legal community and civil litigation attorney Oklahoma (OKC).

If you are in a difficult time, Holly Hefton P.C. is here to help facilitate the process.