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asset division after divorce

Assets Division

When you decide to cut the knot, and without having a prenup in place, all the assets in the marriage are basically up for grabs. Without a skilled lawyer fighting for your interests you could get stuck on the wrong end of an unequal distribution.

The house, cars, investments, retirement accounts, and let’s not forget debts all need to be properly divided up. Some assets, like investments, are easy to divide because their monetary value is clearly defined. On the other hand, assets like houses and cars are a bit tricky. Sometimes an outside expert is called in to get an unbiased evaluation of assets.

Holly Hefton is no stranger to the negotiating table and she can fight for your best interest to make sure a bitter ex-spouse does not take advantage of you.

Often ex-spouses will try to hide or undervalue certain assets to keep more than their fair share. With 20 years of experience, Holly Hefton has seen every trick in the book and know how to get an honest account of all assets.

If you are in a difficult time, Holly Hefton P.C. is here to help facilitate the process.