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employment law

Employment Law in Holly Hefton

As Americans we all want to go to work, get paid fairly, and be treated decently. Sounds simple right? Well, sadly this simple request for a suitable work environment is too often denied by employers.

Hostile work environments exist, employees get cheated out of fair pay, and companies deny the right to basic leave time. There’s no excuse for this. The Fair Labor Standards Act protects employees from this unfair and illegal treatment.

Standing up to companies big and small is what Holly Hefton does best. Employees who have been wronged by the companies they have worked hard for deserve better. “That’s just the way it is” and “there’s nothing we can do about it” are not acceptable answers to this problem.

Don’t settle for what has sadly become normal, call Holly Hefton to make your employer treat you fairly.

If you are in a difficult time, Holly Hefton P.C. is here to help facilitate the process.