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Parental Alienation in Child Custody Litigation

Parent alienation is something that often occurs during a bitter child custody battle. One parent will do things with the specific intention of alienating the other parent or causing the child to feel abandoned by the other parent. This is a revenge tactic that does nothing more than hurt the children and lead to a more intense legal battle,

Under the law, both parents have the legal right to interact with their children and be an active part of their upbringing and lives. This applies to children that all children. It does not matter if the parents were previously married or not. A parent is only legally prevented from interacting with their child in the event that the court feels that interaction could lead to harm.

What To Do If You Are Being Alienated From Your Child

When a parent feels as if they are being kept from their children, they have options. If a solution cannot be achieved with the other parent, it would be in the alienated parent’s best interest to speak with an OKC child custody attorney. An attorney can take the necessary legal action on the parent’s behalf to reestablish contact with their children,

Child custody is not something that the court system takes lightly. They do not care about the personal feelings of either parent. In the eyes of the court, this simply does not matter. What is most beneficial to the child, however, is of the utmost importance to the court, and the court system believes that a balanced interaction between both parents is what all children need.

Working with an OKC child custody attorney will help you secure your rights to parent your child and be an active part of their lives.

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