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How to Obtain Child Custody?

Obtain a child custody


Determining child custody is usually the most difficult part of any divorce case. Both parents have their own ideas and desires for their children and getting each party to agree to the terms of the custody can take time. Getting full custody of child is not easy , you can get exact answer  of  How Long Does a Custody Case Take?

Establishing Child Custody

When establishing custody, both parents must agree upon the following:

• Will the child live with one parent or both?
• If the child lives with only one parent, what are the visitation rights of the other?
• What decisions regarding the child must be made by both parents?
• How will the child be raised in terms of schooling, religion, and activities?
• What financial support will be provided for the child by each parent?

It must be understood that the Court system will only accept of getting full custody of child ,terms that are in the best interest of the child. The Court always reserves the right to change or decline what parents have decided if it believes that the child will be harmed in any way by those decisions. This is why it is critical to work with an OKC child custody lawyer during these negotiations.

Your attorney will make sure that the best interests of your child in getting full custody of child are always the foremost part of the custody negotiations. This ensures that your child is protected and that the Court will accept the terms as part of your divorce.

Your OKC child custody lawyer will also make sure that your rights as a parent are not overlooked. Even if you are the non-custodial parent, you have rights to be involved in the life of your child and those rights must be protected.

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