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Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce is hard for everyone. The emotional impact is different for each person, but children often suffer the most during the divorce process. Parents must set boundaries about the divorce and the proceedings to protect their children as much as possible during this transitional time.

An OKC divorce attorney encourages parents to set the following standards for themselves during the time that the divorce is taking place:


  1. Limit how much information you will provide the children about the cause of the divorce. Divorce is an adult situation involving just the two adults that were married. The children do not have to know all the personal reasons that the divorce is taking place.


  1. Refrain from being too emotional in front of your children. They are scared and confused right now and need to see their parents being calm and strong about the situation.


  1. Avoid name-calling and erratic behavior in front of your children or to your children about your soon-to-be former spouse. This is not helpful and can actually be harmful to your children.


  1. Show as much love and compassion as possible to your children. Many children believe that they are the cause of the divorce. By keeping them separated from all of the adult issues, you can protect their feelings and only focus on making them feel more secure and loved.


If you have problems with the other parent keeping to these boundaries, do not hesitate to speak with your OKC divorce attorney about the situation. They may contact the other attorney who can provide some guidance to their client about the situation.

Divorce is very hard on a family, but the adults must always place the children’s best interests above their own interests at this time.


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