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The Importance of a Trial Lawyer in Civil Lawsuit

Trial lawyers in court


Statistics have shown that nearly all civil lawsuits are settled out of court. Figures from different tracking agencies have stated that the rate is between 80 and 90 percent of all civil cases are settled. However, this means that between 10 and 20 percent of these cases do go to trial.


Not Every Lawyer Is A Trial Lawyer

If you need to file a civil lawsuit, it is very important that you understand that not every lawyer is a trial lawyer. Some attorneys do not carry the distinction of being able to go to trial to represent a case. Being a trial lawyer is a specific certification that an attorney must earn to have this special distinction.

There is a  chance that any civil lawsuit you file may go to trial, it would be in your best interest to start with an OKC civil litigation lawyer that can represent you at trial instead of having to change legal representation mid-case.


Can A Trial Lawyer Still Settle Out Of Court?

Yes. Even if your OKC civil litigation law has the distinction of being a trial lawyer, they can handle any civil litigation case presented to them that has the potential to settle out of court. In fact, many attorneys are such skilled negotiators that they settle nearly all of their cases in this manner instead of going to trial.

Going to trial is a very lengthy process and can quickly become expensive. In an effort to protect their client’s best interests, many attorneys will strive for an out of court settlement to reduce time and costs. This can be very important to people who have filed a lawsuit because of large financial losses. However, if the other party is not being reasonable, or if the attorney believes the client will find more success in front of a jury, they will push for the case to go to the court. In the end, it is whatever is best for the client that the attorney will strive for in their case management.

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