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How is Child Custody Determined?

Many factors are considered when it comes to child custody. It does not matter if the parents were previously married or not; the same factors apply to each case. The court system wants to ensure that all custody issues are in the best interest of the children.

Factors Considered When Determining Child Custody

Custodial Parent

In a perfect world, the child would split their time evenly between both parents. In fact, that is often the goal of the court system. But in reality, this is often not possible or in the best interest of the child.

With this in mind, a custodial parent must be established. This is the parent whom the child will live with a majority of the time and who will have the most responsibility for caring for the child. Custodial parent status, however, does not diminish the responsibilities of the other parent or discredit their input into raising the child.


The rule of visitation must be established so that each parent has a clear understanding of their rights and the rights of the other parent. Working with an OKC child custody lawyer on this issue ensures that the rights of both parents are protected.

Child Support

Child support is a large part of child custody negotiations. It is important that the non-custodial parent provides financial support for the child. Working with an OKC child custody lawyer will help you establish a fair amount for child support. This amount will need to be approved by the court before it is finalized.

Other Factors

Other factors that will be looked at is where the child is currently living, the relationship the child has with each parent, and where they currently attend school. If the child has special needs, requires special care, or any other similar condition will also be addressed during the child custody hearings.


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