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Emotional Stages of Divorce

Divorce is never easy. Even if you have mutually decided to end your marriage, there are emotional phases that you will go through before, during, and after the divorce is complete. This is natural, and going through these stages will help you cope with the divorce process.


Phase One – Discovery


The first phase that you will go through will be a feeling of shock. When you realize that your spouse has filed for divorce or that you are considering speaking with an OKC divorce attorney about filing for a divorce, it will be a little shocking that the marriage has come to this point. The shock passes quickly because there is a need for other emotions to set in.

Next, you will experience anger or panic. Either emotion can be very overwhelming. During this phase, you will need to speak with an OKC divorce attorney about your side of the case and secure legal representation to protect your rights.

You may even feel sad and depressed because you can’t believe that this is happening to you. If this is how you feel, make sure that you have a good support system to help you through this time.


Phase Two – The Process


Anger is the most common emotion during the divorce process. Each party may contest different parts of the divorce out of anger or spite. Many people miss meetings or forget to submit paperwork because they are mad. It can be a challenging time for all parties involved.

If you feel exceptionally angry about your divorce, it is important to step back and let your OKC divorce attorney manage the majority of your case. Anger and spitefulness can only delay the inevitable and cause you to feel bad for a longer period of time.


Phase Three- Aftershock


Once the divorce has been finalized, you will experience many emotions. It can range from happiness because the mess is over to sadness. After all, you don’t know what went wrong. All of these emotions are natural and will pass with time.


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