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Divorce: Degrees of Separation

A couple that is divorcing may find it necessary to use a legal separation before the divorce is finalized. While this practice has become less common in recent years, it is still a very useful tool. Entering into a separation agreement before the dissolution of marriage protects the rights and the assets of both parties.


A legal separation will dictate the rights and the obligations of both parties during this period that they are still married but living apart. A legal separation can be beneficial for any divorce situation. However, a legal separation is most beneficial when it is anticipated that there will be an extended time before the dissolution can be finalized. If negotiations are going to take a long time, a legal separation is recommended.


To have a legal separation, you would need to speak with an OKC divorce lawyer. Your attorney can draw up the terms of the separation and present them to the opposing party for an agreement. Once an agreement has been established, your attorney will file the paperwork with the court and make it official. From that point forward you are only obligated to your spouse under the conditions of the separation.


Your OKC divorce lawyer may also recommend this action if they feel your rights are being violated by your spouse or if there are questionable events taking place with the assets. If you are the main caregiver for the children of the marriage, your attorney may also request a legal separation to ensure that you receive the support you need to care for your children.


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