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Dealing with Divorce During the Holidays

Divorce is difficult at any time of the year. Divorce during the holidays can be extra challenging, especially for the children. Parents must take the additional necessary steps to ensure that the children are protected during this time so that their holidays remain as happy and peaceful as possible.

Parents are encouraged to do the following during the holidays to help make them run smoothly.

  • If you do not have legal representation, contact Attorney Holly Hefton. She can help you with all the legal issues surrounding divorce, child support, and custody issues. When you have quality legal representation, you will know that your rights are protected, and you can feel more relaxed during the holidays. Visit her site at:
  • Keep comments about the other parent and even the divorce to a minimum or not at all. The children do not have to take on the burden of the divorce and actually should be protected from the issue. This legal proceeding is between the two adults.
  • If you have to make legal appointments or provide information for the case during the holidays, make sure that you get it over with quickly. This gives you more time to focus on having fun with your family for the holidays. However, you don’t want to delay these things because it prolongs the divorce and will force you to think about it all the time through the holidays.
  • Make sure both parents get equal time during the holiday. This is especially important if you no longer live in the same home. Your children need to have time with both parents during the holidays to feel secure about the changes that are taking place.

If you have any other concerns about divorce during the holidays, you are encouraged to speak with your attorney. They can provide you with some great suggestions to make this time easier for everyone in your family.

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