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Civil Litigation: What Does a Civil Litigator Do?

What does a civil litigator do?


Many people are not familiar with the term “civil litigator.” This term, however, is just another reference to a licensed attorney that processes civil litigation cases through the civil law courts. An OKC civil litigation lawyer simply handles all types of cases that do not involve criminal actions.

A civil litigator is responsible for all aspects of a case. The attorney will conduct the initial interview with the client to learn what the issue is and why the client wishes to file a lawsuit. They will then research the issue to determine if there is cause for the case. If cause is found, the attorney will file a Complaint at the courthouse and notify the person named in the complaint that they are being sued.

Once the Complaint has been filed, the attorney will begin to investigate the case. They will gather evidence, interview the client as well as the Defendant, and any material witnesses. They will use all of this information to build a case to present to the jury when in court.

Your OKC civil litigation lawyer will also work on negotiating with the other party for a settlement to the case. The attorney has the ability to negotiate the terms right up to the minute that they enter the court for the trial. Many times the case can be settled out of court and eliminate the expenses that come with taking a case before a jury.

Your civil litigator, however, will never accept any form of settlement without your approval. Your attorney will present you with any offers and make any recommendations based on those offers. In the end, however, it is your final decision.

Your attorney can also handle issues after the case is closed if necessary. This may include enforcing the terms of the settlement or collecting on the settlement if it is not being paid.

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