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Child Custody and Parental Authority


Child custody is often a complicated issue. Custody is not automatically granted to the mother, and sole custody is now reserved for special cases. The court system has changed a lot in recent years when it comes to custody issues, and these changes can often anger the parents.


The court system views the best child custody situation to include both parents having an equal share of rights, visitations, and responsibilities. Sole or physical custody is not often granted by the courts unless the parents can show that sole custody is in the best interest of the child. This applies to both married and unwed parents.


Custody of the children will depend on many factors, including the relationship of the child(ren) with each parent and the stability of the homes. The courts will also consider the work schedule of the parents and the ability of the parents to be available to the children outside of their work situation.


Speak To An Attorney About Your Custody Situation


If you feel that the custody orders for your children are not in their best interest, or if you are about to attempt to establish custody of your children, it will be beneficial to speak with an OKC child custody lawyer about your case.


Working with an OKC child custody lawyer will help you protect your rights as a parent as well as establish a custody plan that is protective and beneficial for your child(ren). Your attorney will know how to approach the court with the right information and evidence to help you establish a custody plan that you feel comfortable with for your children.


The court system is not always right with the decisions that they make about child custody. Although the intentions are good, they may not apply to every case. To establish the best custody plan, work with an attorney who is knowledgeable about the laws and regulations concerning custody.


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