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What are the reasons for a divorce and how common it is?

Divorce can happen for many different reasons. The most common causes include issues over money, infidelity, and changes in how each person grows within the marriage. Many of these issues could have been spotted before the wedding. However, people have a tendency to overlook problems when they are in the courtship phase of their relationship.

Money Can Be A Real Problem

One of the largest problems that an OKC divorce lawyer encounters is couples wanting to divorce over money. One person may want to spend while the other wants to save. One person may be lending money to family and friends and not telling their spouse. A spouse may be spending money on things that are not to the liking of the other spouse. The situations are endless.

Money is something that every couple should discuss before they get married. They should decide how they will manage their money, money goals, and feelings about lending money, borrowing money, and going into debt. By addressing these things first, a lot of problems can be avoided in the future.


There is not much that can be said about this action. When a spouse cheats, it is tough for the marriage to heal. Sometimes you can see the problem before marriage; other times, you cannot. The choice to continue the union after a cheating incident is very personal and cannot be made by anyone other than the spouse who feels betrayed.

Growing Apart Over Time

Another common reason that people come to an OKC divorce lawyer for assistance is that they have grown apart from their spouses. Over time the two people have developed goals that no longer coincide with each other. This is a common issue for all married people, but some couples find it hard to overcome the differences.

Of course, other issues can lead to a divorce. The best solution is to make sure that you are open and honest with each other before the marriage so that you can feel comfortable growing together as a couple.


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