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Understanding of Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma | Holly Hefton

Understanding of Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma

Common Law marriage practice is quite evident in Oklahoma. It is one of the few remaining states that acknowledge common-law marriages. Under the laws of the state, people who are considered married this way have the same rights and obligations as people married in an official ceremony.


A common law marriage is a marriage where both parties formally agree to live with one another as a married couple. They also present themselves to the public in that manner. There does not have to be a marriage certificate granted to make this type of union official. The state does require that if these parties plan to terminate their marriage they must do so through the court system. They cannot just announce that they are divorced.


Common-law marriage has been around since before we became our own country. The practice enabled two consenting adults a chance to be married and live as a coupe without having to wait for a travelling reverend or government official to show up in their area and perform the ceremony. It protected women and children at a time when they had no rights on their own.


Although things are much different today, the ability to be married in this manner remains. However, if a common-law couple decides to divorce, they must abide by all the new laws concerning this proceeding.


This includes establishing child support for the children that are the product of that marriage. One parent cannot walk away from a common-law living situation and believe that they are no longer responsible for their children when the marriage is over.


Child support must be established, and a parenting plan must be put into place and approved by the court system before the divorce is approved. If the parents are having a difficult time meeting these guidelines, they are encouraged to speak with an Oklahoma child support attorney.


Your Oklahoma child support attorney will make sure that a complete and fair support plan is in place so that the divorce can be finalized, and the couples can part their ways.

If you have any queries regarding common law marriage in Oklahoma, You can contact our experienced and professional attorneys.

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