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Understanding Child Custody in OKC

The mother of a child of unwed parents almost always receives full physical custody of the child. It is the belief of the state that this is always in the best interest of the child. Giving the mother full physical custody of the child, however, does not diminish the rights of the father.


A father still has the right to interact with their child, even if they were not previously married to the mother. The father has the right to have visitations with the child and to be a part of important decisions regarding the child.


It is hard for an unwed man to gain sole custody of a child unless he can prove that the mother is unfit. However, with the assistance of an OKC child custody lawyer, a man can seek guaranteed visitations with his child and some child custody rights.


The opinions of the courts have been changing in recent years, and many judges are encouraging men to become more active parts in the lives of their children, especially when the parents were not wed. It is the belief of the courts that the children will benefit most from having interactions with both parents.


If you want to establish visitation rights or address other child custody issues, you are encouraged to speak with an OKC child custody lawyer about your case. An attorney can help you prepare the right documents and submit the right proof to the court to help you establish a visitation routine that is beneficial to you and your child.


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