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Types of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process by which individuals, businesses or governmental entities can use the court system to seek justice and settle disputes. This type of litigation includes any and all types of legal matters except criminal actions. This term is also used to describe all of the work that a lawyer performs prior to going to trial.

An attorney that handles these types of cases is often referred to as a civil litigator. Any attorney can practice as a civil litigator or simply refer to themselves as an attorney or lawyer. By any name, they can represent you in any of these types of cases.

Common Civil Litigation Cases || Types of Civil Cases

While every non-criminal case is classified as a civil case, there are some very broad types of cases that each of these cases fall into. The most common types of these cases include:


• Contract Disputes.

This can include contracts between private parties, private parties and businesses, or businesses and businesses. People can use this type of lawsuit to break contracts, enforce contracts, or sue for damages.

This case also arises when one of the parties in Contract fails to perform terms in the contract. so another party has law support to file case to claim according to their contract


• Real Estate Disputes.

This covers a broad range of subjects and can include everything from fraudulent sales to disputed values for land or property. Property line disputes, conflicts about ownership rights and title claims are civil litigation cases in which the remedy might be something more than money damages.


• Private Nuisances.

This may include taking a neighbor to court that has too many dogs and they never stop barking and it disturbs the entire neighborhood.


• Family Law.

It is one of the Types of Civil Cases and many people experience this type of civil litigation. Divorce,  separation, child custody, support and domestic violence, Wills, Probate and all the associated things that come with this area of law is considered a civil case.


• Torts (Civil Wrongdoing).

This is usually a case that involves someone suffering an injury or loss due to the negligent act of another person or entity. So as it is a result of the negligent conduct of another individual or entity has the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation.


Civil Litigation


A civil litigator can represent their client in any or all of these types of cases. However, if you have a specific Types of Civil Cases you desire to file, it will always be in your best interest to seek out an attorney or law firm that has dedicated their practice to that specific area of law.

This provides the attorney and firm with extra experience and knowledge concerning that area of law and this can be very beneficial to the person filing the lawsuit.

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