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Things to know more about OKC Child Custody

Child custody arrangements are often the most disputed issue in a divorce. There are many reasons that disputes can arise. One parent may feel they are not being treated fairly or think that the other parent deserves so much time with the child. Emotions are very high in divorce proceedings, so there can be countless reasons why the child custody issue takes time to resolve.


Parents should understand that the court system has the final say in child custody decisions, and they will always rule in favor of what is best for the child. The court will look at the entire situation and make decisions based on their findings, even if this is ultimately not what the parents want.


Approaching The Court With Child Custody Issues


The best way to solve child custody issues before they happen is to work with an OKC child custody attorney. Your attorney can prepare your case in a way that shows the court what would be in the best interest of your child.


Your OKC child custody attorney will consider things like the relationship the child has with each parent, work hours of the parents, where the child will live compared to where the school, activities, and friends of the child currently are located. Your attorney will look at family support systems and social support systems for the child to help create a custody plan that will have the least disruption on the child’s life.


When you work with an attorney to resolve these issues before presenting the plan to the court, you will have a better chance of getting the child custody issues you want to be finalized by the judge.


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