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Difference of Divorce, Annulment, and Dissolution of Marriage

You may have heard different terms used when referring to the legal end of a marriage. Knowing the differences in these terms will help you make the right decision about bringing your marriage to its end.   Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage   The terms divorce and dissolution of marriage can be interchanged because they…

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Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce is hard for everyone. The emotional impact is different for each person, but children often suffer the most during the divorce process. Parents must set boundaries about the divorce and the proceedings to protect their children as much as possible during this transitional time. An OKC divorce attorney encourages parents to set the following…

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Divorce Process: Step-by-step

The divorce process has several steps that must be followed for the court to approve of the Dissolution of Marriage. Missing any of these steps can prolong the court case and potentially prevent you from being granted a divorce. Petition for Divorce When a person is seeking a divorce, they will approach an OKC divorce…

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Common Steps in Divorce Process

divorce petition

Divorce, like all legal proceedings, has specific steps that must be followed for it to proceed through the court system for approval. Each of these steps must be followed and completed in order, or the court can refuse to hear the case. The first step is to file a Petition for Divorce. This is when…

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Harms of Divorce | Child and Family

divorce and family

  Divorce is never easy. Even for the two adults who have decided to end their marriage, there is still an emotional strain. Even though you may be angry at your former spouse, there is still a deep feeling of loss associated with the dissolution of a marriage.   This emotional stress, however, is much…

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