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Child Custody: Parenting Time and Child Support

child custody

When two parents are splitting custody of their children it can be very hard to make the time exactly even. Circumstances, school location, and even work schedules can cause one parent to be with the child more than the other. When this happens, the parent who is with the child the most is often considered…

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Child Custody: Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Parental Responsibility

  Child custody is one of the most common issues that arise in family law courts. One parent or both have a disagreement about the custody situation of their children. The parents approach the court to come to a legal decision about the responsibilities of each parent.   The court often likes to award joint…

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Divorce: All you need to know about child custody rights

Child custody issues are one of the most common areas for disputes in family law. Parents who are divorcing or who have never been married to each other all have their own opinions on what is best for their child when it comes to this issue. Sadly, many of these parents are unaware of the laws…

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How long does it take to get full custody of a child?

When a parent seeks sole or total custody of a child and trying for getting full custody of child, they must prove to the court that having this type of custody is in the best interest of the child. Parents who want to get full child custody should be ready for a declaration to be a…

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Child Custody: How to Establish Visitation Rights

  Visitation rights are a very important part of child custody actions. If the parents are divorcing, visitation is established during the divorce proceedings. If the child has unmarried parents, visitation is established in a separate court hearing brought by either parent. Visitation rights are granted to the non-custodial parent so that the child can…

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How to Obtain Child Custody?

  Determining child custody is usually the most difficult part of any divorce case. Both parents have their own ideas and desires for their children and getting each party to agree to the terms of the custody can take time. Getting full custody of child is not easy , you can get exact answer  of  How Long Does a Custody…

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What Is Child Support and What Does It Cover?

  Child support is a legal term used for the financial support of children from a separated couple. It does not matter if the couple was previously married for support to be required. The only stipulation there is surrounding the support of a child is that one biological or legally adopted parent provides financial support for…

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What Is A Child Custody Order?

A child custody order is the finalized document signed by a judge regarding custody issues surrounding a child or children of two people. This type of document is generally associated with divorce proceedings, but can also be used between two people who are not married concerning their children. Any orders that have been issued by…

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Basic Issues that You Should Know About Child Custody

  Many people in Oklahoma City make child custody decisions without consulting their lawyer – this is a mistake. It is very important that you know your legal rights when it comes to the custody of your children. For one, most people assume that the mother gets custody of the children; this is not necessarily true –…

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