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What Triggers Divorce?

When you get married, you do so with the intention of being married to that person for the rest of your life. Life, however, has a way of changing 1things, and some marriages end in divorce. There are many reasons that a divorce can happen, each of which is valid. It has been our experience…

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Divorce: Facts, Consequences and Causes

Divorce is defined as the dissolution of a marriage before either one of the spouses dies. It is the legal ending of a marriage and legally reestablishes a person to be classified as a single adult. For a divorce to be legal, it must be approved by the court in which the divorce action was…

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Understanding About Divorce and What to Expect

In the court system divorce is handled just like any other civil matter. The court requires specific steps to be taken and qualifications to be met before it will grant a dissolution of marriage. If you are going to file for divorce, you can anticipate the following when working with the court:   Establishment of…

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