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How Social Media Can Affect a Divorce

How These Social Media Sites Can Affect Divorce Proceedings


Content uploaded on social media platforms and other forms of electronic communications may affect your chances of receiving a favorable divorce settlement. People use different social media networks for various purposes. Normally, LinkedIn and Pinterest may be used for business purposes, while Facebook and Instagram are often used for sharing personal media, experiences, or feelings.


Social Media Sites Can Affect Divorce Proceedings


Social media is now an important aspect of life. However, one must understand that its use is not limited to enhancing socialization but might also affect other aspects of one’s life. One of the aspects of life that social media may affect is the outcome of a divorce proceeding.

It will not be the first time social media platforms have been used by an Oklahoma, OKC divorce lawyer to generate evidence during a court proceeding. Despite privacy settings that make information posted on social media confidential, social media companies are obliged to disperse such information if it is deemed necessary by a court of law.

For instance, judges have used evidence obtained from social media platforms to make judgments against parents seeking custody of their children. The language used on a social media post can also be used to determine child custody.

Holly Hefton, a highly reputed attorney in Oklahoma, advises persons involved in a child custody case to refrain from posting on social media during the time of the proceedings. An OKC divorce lawyer can use photos posted on social networks to push for higher alimonies if she can convince the court that the photos are proof of financial success.

Besides being able to influence the outcome of custody proceedings, social media posts can also be used as evidence during divorce proceedings. A majority of attorneys affirm that they have used evidence from social media to determine the outcome of a divorce case.

Legal practitioners urge persons going through a legal divorce proceeding to refrain from posting on social media platforms. Moreover, it is imperative to change privacy settings to conceal posts that would undermine one’s outlook in the court.

In case you feel you might be a victim of social media while resolving a family dispute in a court of law, it is necessary to consult experienced Oklahoma Divorce attorneys like Holly Hefton.

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