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Reasons People Give for Divorce

There was a time when a couple was required to provide a serious reason for seeking a divorce. At that time, the court could deny the divorce if they felt that the couple could reconcile or that the reason was not valid. Thankfully times have changed. Although you are still required to state why you are getting divorced, the court generally does not deny the action.

Any reason can be used for seeking a dissolution of marriage. Some of the more common reasons that are used include:

* Irreconcilable differences

* Financial disagreements

* Family disagreements

* Affairs

* Loss of affection

* Alcoholism or Drug Use

* Abusive situations

* Living location

As your OKC divorce lawyer will inform you, any reason can be given for seeking a divorce. However, it is important to be very honest about those reasons because the cause of the divorce can have an impact on the outcome of some of the parts of the divorce.

What Parts of Divorce Can the Cause of the Split Affect?

The reason that you give for your dissolution of marriage can have an effect on the following parts of your divorce:

* Division of assets

* Division of debts

* Spousal support

* Child support and visitation

For instance, your OKC divorce lawyer may request that a divorce caused by excessive spending by one spouse have the debts of the marriage divided according to who was responsible for what debt, not just an even split that is common n many divorces. Or, if a divorce is a result of an abusive situation or substance abuse, special conditions may be asked for regarding child custody or visitations.

Your attorney will make sure that the reason stated in your divorce is addressed during the divorce process if it will protect your rights or the rights and safety of the children involved in the process.

When it comes to the reason for the divorce, the court will only really look at the cause of the divorce if special considerations have been made. Otherwise, the court system no longer requires that the couple have a “valid excuse in the eyes of the court” to be granted a dissolution of marriage.

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