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Parenting and Visitation Rights

When you think about a child custody agreement, you think of the two biological parents establishing a time schedule for being with their children. These documents often only refer to the mother and father and children affected. However, the way that the court system views a family is changing and child visitation rights may change as well. This is why it has become increasingly important to contact an OKC child custody lawyer with any visitation or custody concerns.


If a child was spending significant time with one of their grandparents or one of their aunts or uncles because of the events taking place in the family, that family member may feel as if they were raising the child and are playing a significant role in their lives. The child may also feel the same way. If this happens, the other family adult may wish to be included in any custody documentation so that they are guaranteed rights to see the child.


While this is still a very new concept to the court system, there are good reasons that this type of visitation rights may be established in the custody paperwork. This is especially true in bitter divorce cases.


Grandparents are often the losers in a bitter divorce because the spouse with physical custody of the child(ren) may not want them to see their grandchild because they are still angry with their ex-spouse. If the children were very close to their grandparents, this could be devastating.


If you have questions about visitation rights for a non-biological child in your family, speak to an OKC child custody lawyer about your concerns. An attorney can explain to you what rights you may have to receive guaranteed visitation time with the child.


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