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Overview: Separation and Divorce Counselling

Divorce is hard. There is no other way to describe this life event. It is hard on both of the adults, and it is even harder on the children. Even when a divorce seems to be moving smoothly, and both parties seem to want to end the marriage, emotional pain is still a very large part of a divorce.

For children, divorce is very unsettling. Children thrive in stability and routine. When parents divorce, both the stability and routines of their lives change. Younger children especially can have a very difficult time when their parent’s divorce.

As an OKC divorce lawyer, I always urge my clients to seek counseling. Counseling can help adults and children during the divorce cope with the changes that are taking place. After the divorce is finalized, counseling may also be helpful for the family as they adjust to their new living arrangements and lifestyles.


It’s Only Natural To Be Upset


Many adults experience a variety of emotions, while their divorce is taking place. There are anger and betrayal, disbelief and denial, a feeling of failure, and in some cases, an overwhelming feeling of sadness. If the divorce is bitter, all of these emotions are intensified.

It has been my experience as an OKC divorce lawyer that the chaos that surrounds divorce is much more complicated for children. Sadly, as children, they may even have a hard time explaining how they feel. It is only natural for them to be upset, afraid, and angry.

This is why it is so important to make sure that you get the counseling you need to help you through this most difficult time. If this can ease the burden on you and your children, it should be a top priority.

Thankfully, with the help and counseling, the trauma experienced during divorce will become a thing of the past as you set off on building a new life.


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