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Oklahoma Divorce Law: A Ultimate Guide

When you are filing for a divorce or an annulment in Oklahoma, some requirements must be met for the courts to accept the Petition for Divorce:


Guide To Oklahoma Divorce


Residency Requirements


Both parties must be a resident of the county in which they file for divorce for at least the last six previous months.


Legal Representation


It will always be in your best interest to seek legal representation from an OKC divorce attorney before you begin the divorce process. Having an attorney manage your case ensures that you are treated fairly in the divorce and that all of the legal documents are prepared accurately and processed on time.


Initial Filing


Once you have hired an OKC divorce attorney, they will file your initial petition for divorce. Once the other party has been served notice of the proceedings, the court will impose a temporary injunction on both parties to make them refrain from giving away, spending, or otherwise moving marital assets. This ensures that the division of property, assets, and debts is conducted fairly.

If children are involved in the divorce, the state will require that at least 90 days pass from the initial filing before the divorce is granted.




The next step will be negotiations. This will include the division of assets and debts and the establishment of child custody, support, and visitation rights. This is the longest part of the proceedings.




Once all of these issues have been agreed upon and approved by the court, the final decree will be given, and the divorce will be finalized.


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