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Oklahoma Divorce Basics: Alimony and Support

Oklahoma Divorce Basics: Alimony and Support


Alimony or spousal support is something that must be addressed during any divorce proceedings. Spousal support is a way of ensuring that one spouse does not suffer unfair economic conditions when the dissolution of marriage is finalized.

Alimony is granted to a non-working spouse or to a spouse that makes a considerable less amount per year than the other spouse. This support is based on the following factors:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Earnings ability of spouse
  • Standard of living difference before and after marriage
  • Age of the spouses

Alimony may be given for a specified period of time or may be granted for life or until the former spouse remarries.


Establishing Support Can Be Difficult And Must Be Fair


The first thing any person seeking a divorce should do is seek legal representation. Working with an OKC divorce lawyer will ensure that the process moves smoothly and that the rights of each person are protected during the dissolution of marriage negotiations.

Your OKC divorce lawyer will also go through all of the financial records of the couple to determine if spousal support is necessary, the amount to be received, and the length of time the support is granted. This is a very important aspect of the negotiations because both parties must be treated fairly.

It should also be understood that spousal support is available for either spouse, not just the woman as many people believe. Support is determined by income, employability, and standard of living experienced by the married couple.

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