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How does a lawsuit work? Steps in the civil litigation process

Every civil lawsuit, regardless of its nature, generally follows the same procedures. Understanding how these procedures work will allow you to understand where your case is at and what will happen next.

Each step in the civil litigation process also has specific time limits to complete. Because of these time frames, the average litigation process can take up to two years to complete.


Steps In A Civil Case Litigation Process

Each legal case will follow these steps:

• Complaint.

First Steps In A Civil Case is Complaint.This is the initial filing of a case against another person. Your OKC civil litigation lawyer will prepare this document and submit it to the Court stating why you are suing the other entity or person and for how much. This document must also be submitted to the other party (defendant) at the same time.


• Discovery.

This is the longest process in any litigation case. Discovery consists of gathering evidence from both sides to build a case. This will entail gathering records, interviewing the parties involved and witnesses, and speaking with experts if necessary.


• Pre Trial Negotiations.

If possible, your OKC civil litigation lawyer may try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. This settlement must be agreeable by all parties and may significantly reduce the time it takes to finish the case. If a negotiation is accepted, the case is finalized.


• Trial.

If negotiations fail, the next step will be to take the case before a jury. Additional preparations must be made at that time to make sure the case is trial ready. The case can settle at any point before a jury verdict. Once the jury gives a verdict, the case is over.


• Appeals.

Appeals can be considered as last Steps In A Civil Case. If you are unsatisfied with the case and believe that there was an error in the trial, you may apply for an appeal. Your attorney will inform you if your case will qualify for an appeal.

This is a very basic approach to how each case will be handled. Your attorney will discuss with you each aspect of your case based on the specifics of your case.

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