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Introduction to Child Custody: An Ultimate Guide for Parents

Child custody is something that the court system takes very seriously. A majority of states have moved to the belief that it is in the best interest of the child(men) if both parents have shared or joint custody. This applies to non-married and formerly married couples.

In cases where joint custody is awarded, the court will usually also determine that one of the parents is the primary custodian. Primary custodian means that the child will live with this parent primarily, and a majority of the care will be provided in that household. This does not, however, eliminate the responsibilities of the other parent or diminish their input into the raising of the child.


What If Joint Custody Is Not Beneficial?


In the event that one parent believes that they should have sole custody of the child, or that the other parent should have limited interaction with the child or input into their upbringing, they must prove to the court why this is necessary. It will require the assistance of an OKC child custody lawyer to establish this type of case.


What If Changes Need To Be Made To A Custody Agreement?


It is not unusual for circumstances to change over time and that a child custody or support agreement needs to be replaced. You will need to contact an OKC child custody lawyer and create a petition for the court to show why this change is necessary and that the change will be beneficial to the health and welfare of the child.


Does Joint Custody Eliminate The Need For Child Support?


Since one parent is usually the custodial parent, the court will arrange for support payments to this parent to care for the child. It is very rare for no child support to be granted during a custody case. Your attorney will make sure that support is established before any custody case is closed.

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