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How to Resolve your Child Custody?

Child custody issues are often very stressful for every member of the family. The parents each have their own ideas of what would be an acceptable plan for child custody, and in most cases, these plans do not agree. The children have their own desires for custody and living arrangements, which are often overlooked by the feuding parents. This is why attorneys and the court frequently intervene in the situation.


The Court will always move in favor of what is in the best interest of the children. If they feel that a child custody plan is not a good arrangement, the court will send both parties back into negotiations until a suitable plan is achieved. The Court believes that parents should have equal time with the children.


If you are having problems establishing a child custody plan, you should consult with an OKC child custody attorney. Your attorney can help negotiate a plan that is beneficial to all family members and will know how to get quick court approval.


Changing a custody plan must also be approved by the court system. Everyone has changes happen in their life situations. Jobs change, families change, even your health can change. All of these changes could impact your current child custody agreement. If you need to make changes to your existing arrangement, contact an OKC child custody attorney for assistance.


Regardless of why you need to have a child custody agreement approved by the Court, it is vital to remember the needs of your children. What may seem like a logical arrangement to you may be very disruptive to their well-being. If you act with the intention of putting the children’s best interests first, you will be able to come up with an acceptable child custody plan.


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