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How do Courts Determine Child Custody?

When the courts consider a custody case, they will look at many different issues that will affect the child. It is the goal of the courts to provide the child with the best possible solution for their care.


Some of the things that the court will look at include:

– Relationship of the child with each parent.


If the child has a stronger emotional bond with one parent, the courts must consider the child’s happiness and comfort level.

– Community bonds


Where does the child attend school and have friends and activities that they are familiar with? Which parent can help stabilize these bonds? The court will try to reduce the number of changes it has to impose on the child.

– Parental abilities to provide care


The court must also look at the different issues surrounding the child’s care. Such things as the work hours of the parent, housing, and even mental or physical health issues with the parent must be considered.

The court is always going to try to place the best interests of the child ahead of everything. This is why it is always important to have quality legal representation when negotiating child custody cases.


How A OKC Child Custody Lawyer Can Help


If you are going before the court to establish custody of your child, it will always be beneficial to have the assistance of an OKC child custody lawyer. Your attorney will help you show the court that you are the best choice for having full custody of your child.

Your attorney can also help you establish child visitation guidelines and child support amounts for court approval. Everything related to the children’s well-being in a custody case must be given court approval to finalize the process.


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