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Harms of Divorce | Child and Family


Divorce is never easy. Even for the two adults who have decided to end their marriage, there is still an emotional strain. Even though you may be angry at your former spouse, there is still a deep feeling of loss associated with the dissolution of a marriage.


This emotional stress, however, is much more difficult for the children of the marriage. Many children feel as if they are the cause of the break up of their family. Losing the security of having both parents near at all times can be devastating.


This is especially true when the dissolution is bitter and there is a lot of chaos between the two adults who are trying to end the marriage. One spouse may try to use the children against the other. The other spouse may not comply with requests concerning the children. A bitter divorce impacts more than the two adults, it affects the children.


If you are facing a difficult dissolution of marriage, you are encouraged to seek legal representation from a compassionate OKC divorce attorney. Working with an attorney that will place the best interest of the children first will help make sure that the children suffer fewer issues during the divorcing process.


Having an OKC divorce attorney that understands that making the divorce amicable regardless of how bitter and angry the parties are is best for all, will help the process run smoothly. There is a large difference in the outcome of a proceeding when the attorney truly cares about the results.


It is the duty of the parents to make the transition from family to two-families is as easy on the children as possible. Ass adults, feelings must be put aside to protect those who could suffer the most harm from a bitter dissolution of marriage.


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