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Fast Facts: Civil Litigation

Civil law


Civil litigation is an area of law where disputes are settled without criminal charges or penalties. Civil law covers a wide range of disputes, but most often involves one party seeking damages from another party because of a specific event. Civil law also covers legal issues such as family law and real estate transactions.


When People Disagree

The most common reason that a person or business contacts an OKC civil litigation lawyer is to settle a contract dispute. One person believes that the terms of the contract have not been fulfilled and they seek legal compensation for their losses that resulted from the broken contract. This can occur between two people, two businesses or an individual and a business. In most cases, there is a significant amount of money involved in the transaction that causes a lawsuit to be filed.

Many times civil litigation is also used to encourage a person or entity to perform a specific act. For instance, a homeowners association may take up a lawsuit against a property owner that is not in compliance with the terms of the association.


To Avoid Disagreements

In an effort to avoid disagreements, many people seek out the services of an OKC civil litigation lawyer to create contracts or review contracts that they are entering into with another person or company. This is also a very important part of civil litigation. Making sure a contract is valid and fair is just as important as seeking justice when a contract has been violated.

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