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Divorce: Mediation and Conciliation

Mediation and Conciliation after Divorce


Divorce can quickly become a complicated issue when both parties are trying to finalize the terms of their dissolution of marriage. Emotions run high and many times these emotions cloud the judgement of both parties. Anger, resentment and even revenge may take over the process which leads to extensive delays and costs.


To avoid this type of situation, it may be beneficial to bring in a mediator for the negotiations. A mediator acts as a third party to the proceedings and helps eliminate the emotional turmoil often associated with this type of proceeding.


A mediator will act as a go-between between you and your former spouse and your respective divorce lawyer okc. They can make suggestions, encourage different ways to approach the situation, and help both parties calmly interact with each other.


Your OKC divorce lawyer may even suggest a mediator if they feel that the proceedings are at a standstill and progress cannot be made in a reasonable manner. Sometimes it just takes a third party to get the negotiations back on track.


Your OKC divorce lawyer may even request that the divorce enter into mediation before any problems arise. There are many cases where simple negotiations through a mediator can help the process move quickly into the final stages. This helps reduce the time necessary to gain the divorce and significantly reduces the cost.


No one who is involved in a dissolution of marriage wants to drag out the legal proceedings and the emotional pain associated with it willingly. Most of the time the only reason that a dissolution cannot be finalized is because the couple just need a non-involved party to give an opinion and help them see a solution.

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