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Divorce: How Child Custody Decisions are Made?

Child custody is one of the biggest issues in the area of family law. It is usually the most complicated issue during a divorce and can be difficult for single parents as well. The complications of this issue are due to the fact that the best interests of the child or children must be placed first, regardless. This can lead to parents being unsatisfied with the terms of the custody.


Child custody cases must address the following points to determine the best interest of the child:


  • Relationship with the parent. Both parties must look at the relationship of the child with each of their parents.
  • Living arrangements. Will living with one parent over the other allow the child or children to continue attending a certain school or remain close to other family members?
  • Parental work schedules. Does the work schedule of the parent allow for appropriate care of the children?
  • Housing. Is the housing sufficient for the care of the children?
  • Medical care. If the children need special medical care, which parent has better access to that care.

Other personal issues will be addressed as well. Each case must be handled according to the facts of that custody case. Only after the needs of the child are met will the court look at the convenience or fairness of the custody issue for the parents.


Why You Need Divorce Lawyer


There are many additional conditions that must be met by both parents when it comes to the welfare and custody of a child. In a divorce, for instance, you must have a parenting plan in place that is approved by the court before a divorce is granted.


Since it is very important to the well-being of the child that custody issues are handled correctly, anyone facing a custody battle is encouraged to speak with an Experience divorce lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK about their case. A divorce attorney is qualified to handle all of your custody issues, even if a divorce is not involved in the proceedings.

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