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Who Decides the Visitation Schedule in Oklahoma?

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Visitation is one of the most important things to determine during a custody battle. Visitation laws differ from state to state, and Oklahoma is no different. If you find yourself in need of information on visitation, as it pertains to Oklahoma, speaking with an Oklahoma City child visitation lawyer can clear some of the confusion and questions surrounding it. One of the biggest questions is whether the parents or the courts are the ones to decide visitation schedule in Oklahoma.

Visitation is a right of a parent, or parents, which allows them a predetermined and allotted amount of time with their child(ren). Visitation is typically discussed following a custody proceeding and, in Oklahoma, can be decided by either the parents or a court depending on the circumstances of the case at hand.

If the parents of the child(ren) are not married or separated, visitation rights are a bit more lenient. In this situation, parents have the ability to come to an agreement with each other on the terms and details of visitation, on their own, without court proceeding. In the event that the parents are undergoing a divorce, a court will decide the terms of visitation. In Oklahoma, courts will also be involved in determining the details of visitation if parents are unable to come to an agreement on the terms amongst themselves. In Oklahoma, whenever the court is involved in visitation proceedings, it will always keep in mind the interests of the child(ren) involved.

Remember, visitation matters can be complicated and involve much consideration. Contacting an Oklahoma City child visitation lawyer is one of the best options available for those in Oklahoma that are seeking more information on or assistance with visitation.

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