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Common Employment Law Issues

Common employment law issues


Employment law can be a very complicated thing, especially when you must consider both Federal and State laws concerning employment. However, most businesses remain in compliance with a majority of these laws and employees do not have to worry about having their rights violated. The two legal areas that impact most employees are illegal firing and non-payment of overtime wages.


Illegal Dismissal Of An Employee

An employer cannot terminate an employee for reasons based on their race, religious beliefs or affiliations, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, age or disability. There are no exceptions to this rule and there are no groups of people that are exempt from its protection. Employers who fire any employee must have a documented and legitimate reason to do so in every situation.


Failure To Pay Overtime Wages

Employment law also covers payment of wages. American employees that work over 40 hours in a 7 day period are entitled to receive a premium pay rate for every hour worked. There are few exceptions to this rule concerning salaried employees, but those are currently under review at the federal level.

Employers must pay a rate of one and one-half times the hourly rate for every hour worked over 40 hours. It should be understood that this does not mean that any hours worked over 8 hours in a day are qualified for overtime; only hours over for within a one week period qualify for this payment rate.


Speak With An Attorney

If you have any questions about the actions of your employer and if they conflict with employment law, speak with an attorney who is experienced in this field. Your attorney can explain to you any rights that you may have to seek compensation from your employer for any illegal actions they may have made against you.

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