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What are the common areas for civil litigation?

common areas for civil litigation


Civil litigation is an area of law that deals with legal issues between two entities that are not criminal in nature. This is the most common way for two parties to settle any dispute that needs to go before the court.

Civil litigation includes many different areas of law, including:

• Contract disputes
• Family law issues
• Rights infringements
• Personal injury law
• Business disputes
• Real estate issues

Everyone has the right to seek legal remedies for injustices with this type of litigation.


The Rules Of Procedure

When you are seeking damages under civil law, you will need to have an OKC civil litigation lawyer represent your case before the court. This ensures that all rules of procedure are followed and that every aspect of the case is in compliance with the law. The court reserves the right to dismiss any case that is not in compliance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Your attorney will work on your behalf and prepare all the necessary court documents for your case. In addition to this service, your OKC civil litigation lawyer will gather evidence, take statements from all parties involved, and create a case to present to the court on your behalf.


Negotiations Before Trial

In many cases, your attorney may be able to come up with a remedy to the situation prior to the case going to trial. During the negotiations process, a solution to the problem may be found and all parties can settle the matter before going to trial. This is very common and is almost always in the befit of the person who was seeking justice through the court system.

Settling prior to the trial eliminates many of the costs and a lot of the time associated with going to court. If a satisfactory solution is found, your attorney may recommend settling the case. However, if a remedy is not found, or if you do not desire to settle, your case will go before the court and a jury of your peers. At that time, the jury will decide the outcome of the case and the judge will finalize their decision.

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