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How Does The Civil Lawsuit Work?

Civil litigation lawyer


A civil lawsuit is a type of legal action that involves one party, known as the Plaintiff, bringing a legal action against another party, known as a Defendant, in an effort for the Court to enforce an action by the Defendant. That action may be to require the Defendant to pay a specific amount of money, perform a specific action, or refrain from a certain action.

civil lawsuit can involve any type of legal dispute that is not a criminal action. Some of the types of civil cases include family law matters, business and contract disputes, and tort actions. A tort is described as any action that infringes on the rights of another person or entity.


How Does This Type Of Case Work?

If you find that you need to file a lawsuit, the first thing that you will need to do is contact an OKC civil litigation lawyer about your case. Your attorney will review the facts of the case and explain to you what rights you have to seek legal remedies in the Court. Once your rights have been established, your attorney will draw up a formal document known as a Complaint.

The Complaint contains the basic information about your case. This document is used to inform the Court of your intention to sue and under what grounds. It is also used as a legal notice for the Defendant to inform them of your intentions to seek legal recourse for their actions.

Once the Complaint has been filed, your OKC civil litigation lawyer will begin the process of gathering information, interviewing people involved in the case and negotiating with the attorney representing the Defendant. In some cases, the issue can be settled before reaching Court. If the case does not settle, your attorney will then build an effective case on your behalf to present to the Court and a jury.

These types of cases are very common and account for over 75 percent of all cases that are presented to the Court on a daily basis.

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