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Civil Disputes: Definition, Examples and Processes

Civil Disputes: Definition & Processes


Civil Disputes Definition & Example

Civil litigation is the area of law where disputes of all natures that are not criminal are settled by the court. This is the area of law most commonly used for “lawsuits” between two parties. Civil litigation can cover everything from contract disputes to real estate transactions to medical malpractice.


The Process

When a person believes that they have been wronged they can seek out damages for the losses they incurred. This takes the form of filing a lawsuit against the party that caused that wrong. The process begins by speaking with a OKC civil litigation lawyer about the issue and determining how it should be handled.

If it is decided that the person needs to sue the other entity for damages, the attorney will draw up a document known as a Complaint and file with the Court and send a copy to the other party who is being sued. This officially informs the other party what they are being sued for and why.

An example of this would be a person hires a contractor to put up new drywall in their bathroom after a flood. The contractor comes in and makes the replacement but the work is so poorly done that within a week the seams begin to show in the drywall and the edges are now uneven near the flooring. These issues were not visible at the time the contractor finished. The homeowner has the right to seek damages from the contractor for the money they spent on the repair as well as the costs it will take to have the wall replaced correctly.

Once the Complaint is received, the other party will have a specific number of days to respond to the Complaint. If they deny any or all of the charges in the response, your OKC civil litigation lawyer will begin the process of proving your case. This will include the gathering of evidence, interviewing all the people involved, and building a case to show in Court why you deserve to be awarded damages for your losses.

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