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What Is Child Support and What Does It Cover?

Child custody and care


Child support is a legal term used for the financial support of children from a separated couple. It does not matter if the couple was previously married for support to be required. The only stipulation there is surrounding the support of a child is that one biological or legally adopted parent provides financial support for their child that is being cared for by the other legal parent.


What Does Child Support Cover?

When support is granted for a child, the money is to be used for the care and raising of that child. The money is intended to cover expenses for:

• Food
• Shelter
• Clothing
• Education
• Entertainment/Sports Participation
• Extracurricular Activities

There are also cases where one parent is required to provide medical health coverage for the child or children. Some support orders require that the parent helps to pay for medical deductibles or for medical costs if there is no insurance. In cases where there are special needs, the parent may have very specific obligations to help support the medical condition of the child.

Child support is a legal obligation of the parent and they are required to comply with all terms of the custody and support order. Failure to provide support could result in the parent facing legal battles and possible jail time.


Speak With an OKC Child Custody Lawyer About Support Issues

If you are seeking support for your child for the first time, trying to have the terms of the current support order changed, or are going through a divorce, you will need to speak with an attorney that can handle support cases.

These types of cases can become emotional and chaotic. Couples who are no longer together often find it hard to come to an agreement, especially when it comes to financial issues. Having an OKC child custody lawyer represent your case will eliminate the chaos and help ensure that the best interest of the child concerned is always the foremost issue at hand. Your attorney will work as your negotiator and make sure that all support amounts meet the needs of the child and are in compliance with the law.

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