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Child Custody: Parenting Time and Child Support

When two parents are splitting custody of their children it can be very hard to make the time exactly even. Circumstances, school location, and even work schedules can cause one parent to be with the child more than the other. When this happens, the parent who is with the child the most is often considered the primary custodial parent.


Being the primary custodial parent does not mean, however, that the other parent does not have equal responsibility for the child. Both parents are granted specific rights during the child custody proceeding and both parents must honor these rights. This includes the right to see and be a part of the life of the child and all support issues.


What If The Other Parent Is Not Complying With Child Custody Guidelines?


If you find that the other parent of your child is not complying with the visitation, support, or care for your child as stated in your custody agreement, you should speak with an OKC child custody lawyer. Your rights as a parent are important both to you and your child.


Your attorney can review the terms of the custody paperwork and determine if there has been a legal violation of those terms. If there has been, your OKC child custody lawyer will take the right legal actions to help you reestablish the terms of your custody agreement.


It is very important to understand that the court system takes custody issues very seriously. The court feels that both parents should be involved with the child as much as possible, even when the child lives with one parent for more time than the other. The court is very aggressive about enforcing custody agreements unless it can be shown why not enforcing the agreement is in the best interest of the child.


If you are having any problems with your custody agreement or child support issues, you are encouraged to speak with an OKC child custody lawyer. Your lawyer can help you straighten up the issue quickly and always in the best interest of the child involved.


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