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Child Custody: Modification and Enforcement

Child custody is something that the courts take very seriously. The court system believes that both parents should have equal access and responsibilities for their children, even if the parents no longer live as a couple. If a parent tries to have these arrangements modified, they must show good cause.


What Is A Good Cause For Child Custody Modifications?


In most cases, the court will only allow modifications to a child custody order for the following reasons:


* Incarceration

* Substance abuse

* Physical or emotional abuse of a child

* Continually missing scheduled visitations

* Other actions that are an endangerment to the child.


It is important to remember that child custody and visitation issues are not the same as child support issues. If you feel that the other parent of your child is placing your child at risk, it is recommended that you speak with an OKC child custody lawyer so that you can change the terms of your custody and visitation agreement.


How Do I Enforce Child Custody Terms?


If one parent is not complying with the terms of the custody agreement, it may be time to have the agreement enforced or changed. To do so, you will need to petition the court for the change and provide a valid explanation.


The court can be very strict about child custody measures, and it will be in your best interest to have legal representation with an OKC child custody lawyer when you present your case. The court will demand a valid reason for the changes, and any change that is granted must be in the best interest of the children.


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