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Child Custody: How to Establish Visitation Rights

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Visitation rights are a very important part of child custody actions. If the parents are divorcing, visitation is established during the divorce proceedings. If the child has unmarried parents, visitation is established in a separate court hearing brought by either parent.

Visitation rights are granted to the non-custodial parent so that the child can build a relationship with that parent. It is the belief of the court system that children benefit the most from interacting with both parents, even if those parents do not live in the same home.


When There Is A Problem With Visitation

Sometimes, however, there can be issues with visitation that cause one or both parents to seek changes to the child custody orders. Changes in lifestyle, job, families or even medical conditions can cause one parent to request a change in visitation.

When these types of situations occur, the parents should seek legal representation from an OKC child custody lawyer. Each parent will be required to present to the Court their reasons for the change or to prevent the change and must be able to prove beyond any doubt that these changes will not have a negative impact on the children involved. The Court will always rule in favor of the best interest of the child, even if it does not rule in favor of the parent who started the legal action.

Having an OKC child custody lawyer represent your case gives you the best possible chance of presenting your side to the Court and having them rule in your favor. Hiring an attorney also protects your rights as a parent and ensures that the other parent does not make choices for your child that will infringe on those rights or cause harm to your children.

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