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Divorce: The Challenges of Determining Spousal Support in OKC

Alimony-Spousal Support | Holly Hefton Attorney OKC

Alimony is now known as spousal support. The change in term has occurred because spousal support can be granted to either party of a divorce. In the past, alimony was the word used to describe payments made to a woman from her former husband.


In Oklahoma, there are three types of spousal support payments that can be made: Temporary, Short Term and Long Term. The facts of the divorce will determine what type of maintenance is awarded.

Temporary Spousal Maintenance


If the Court finds that one of the parties is suffering financially due to the separation prior to the Dissolution of Marriage, they may award that party spousal support on a temporary basis. This often occurs when there are children involved and the parent who is the main custodial parent needs financial help until the final decree is made. Temporary support is paid during the proceedings and is discontinued when the Dissolution is finalized. At that time, if support is granted during the proceedings, short or long term maintenance begins.

Short-Term Maintenance


In some cases, one of the former spouses will be granted short-term support so that they can “get on their feet” after the proceedings. This often includes time for them to get job training or an education so that they can support themselves. Your OKC divorce lawyer will request as much time as possible so that you can become self-sufficient.


Long-Term Maintenance


Long-term spousal maintenance is usually reserved for cases where there was a long-term marriage, the spouses are older, or where one spouse did not work for a majority of the marriage. There may be other issues that must be addressed as well when it comes to long-term support. Your OKC divorce lawyer will request long-term support only for cases that meet all the needs of Oklahoma laws.


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