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Can the Terms of a Divorce be Changed?

Broken Marriage Rings

Oklahoma law provides people who are going through a divorce a 30 day period after the judge has signed the final order to change their mind. If during that 30 day period the couple wishes to avoid the divorce and remain married, they can do so legally. However, on day 31, the dissolution of marriage becomes finalized and each person is officially unmarried.


What About Terms In The Decree That Need To Be Changed After The Case Is Finalized?

There are some instances where the terms of marriage dissolution can be changed after the divorce has been finalized. However, it will require the assistance of an OKC divorce lawyer. Any changes to the dissolution of marriage must be approved by the Court and the Court will demand a valid reason for the changes.

It should be noted that the Court can be very difficult about changing these documents. It is their belief that all negotiations should have been completed prior to submitting the final document to the Court and that the final document should stand as valid, regardless.


Prevent The Need For Changes To The Final Document

If you are planning to dissolve your marriage, the best thing that you can do is seek quality legal representation from an Oklahoma divorce lawyer. Working with an attorney that specializes in this type of work will help you negotiate the terms of your marriage dissolution without having to worry about changing the document at a later time.

Your attorney will work with you on every aspect and make sure that the terms in the final document are beneficial to you and fair to your former spouse. The attorney will also verify that any terms requested by the other party are fair and meet the guidelines of Oklahoma law. By approaching this type of case in such a thorough manner, your attorney will help you prevent needing to make changes to the decree at a later date.

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