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  • common law marriage

    Understanding of Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma | Holly Hefton

    Oklahoma is one of the few remaining states that acknowledges common law marriages. Under the laws of the state, people…

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    Child custody is one of the biggest issues in the area of family law. It is usually the most complicated…

  • divorce

    Divorce: Effect and Consequences of Separation

    Divorce causes a lot of turmoil in the lives of all who are involved. This is not a secret. What…

  • Types of Civil Litigation  

    Civil litigation is the process by which individuals, businesses or governmental entities can use the court system to seek justice…

  • Causes of Divorce: Most Common Marriage Failure

      When you are facing a divorce, you may feel as if you are completely alone. Sadly, you are not.…

  • child custody

    Divorce: All you need to know about child custody rights

    Child custody issues are one of the most common areas for disputes in family law. Parents who are divorcing or…

  • How long does it take to get full custody of a child?

    When a parent seeks sole or total custody of a child and trying for getting full custody of child, they…

  • Life Cycle of a Civil Litigation Case | Holly Hefton

    All civil litigation cases follow the same time lines and procedures. The courts have designed it this way so that…

  • divorce conciliation

    Divorce: Mediation and Conciliation

    Divorce can quickly become a complicated issue when both parties are trying to finalize the terms of their dissolution of…

  • Prenup

    Prenuptial: What Does that the Law Allow?

    It has become very common for couples to sign a prenup before they get married. This is especially true in…