Causes of Divorce: Most Common Marriage Failure

Causes of Divorce: Most Common Marriage Failure
May 7, 2018 Author

When you are facing a divorce, you may feel as if you are completely alone. Sadly, you are not. Ending a marriage is no longer a unique thing in the world and happens all-too-often. The main reason that a couple seeks to end their marriage is because something in their relationship has failed.


The five most common reasons for someone to seek a divorce include:


  • Infidelity. If one person cheats on the other, the trust in the relationship is destroyed. Cheating also leads to one person wanting to leave to be with another on a permanent basis. This is the top reason for ending a marriage.
  • Money. Financial issues are so close to infidelity when it comes to ending a marriage that it is almost a tie. People who cannot agree on their marital finances often find themselves leaving the marriage.
  • Family. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, and sometimes they can be burdensome to your marriage. Family issues outside of the couple can cause a lot of stress within the marriage.
  • Friends. Much like some family members placing strain on a relationship, some friends can also be just as much trouble.
  • Sex. Too much, not enough, or just not compatible intimately is one reason that couples decide that their differences are no longer reconcilable.


Of course, there are many other reasons as well. Abusive relationships, conflicts on how to raise children, and even where to live are also common causes for a dissolution of marriage.


Whatever the reason you have to end your marriage, it will always be in your best interest to seek representation from a OKC divorce lawyer. Ending a marriage involves many legal issues that must be addressed to ensure that both parties are treated fairly.


Your OKC divorce lawyer will also address any and all issues concerning children of the marriage. If you are divorcing with children, there are special guidelines for determining custody and support that must be met for Court approval. Having an attorney on your side is the best way to protect the children during any dissolution proceeding.



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